Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These opinions are solely of Emerald UK based on our research. We always encourage you to do your own prior to purchase.

1. Does this (non medical) reusable face mask protect me from a viral infection (i.e. Coronavirus, COVID19 or COVID)?

No, unfortunately not. Our face mask (nor any other) nor filters cannot provide this level of guarantee. Our face mask and our filters have not been tested for effectiveness against COVID-19. Our filters have only been tested to standards specified in our verbiage.

This reusable mask can be an aid to help you to avoid touching your mouth and nose with unwashed hands, and supportive for national government guidelines in reducing transmission.

2. Who is this reusable face mask intended for?

These were originally designed for everyday use for the general public for cycling, running, biking, DIY and for outdoor activities.

The UK govt. now requires face coverings at the minimum to be mandatory in public spaces and therefore, this can be supportive for this purpose. Please keep a check on or your national government website for the latest guidelines.

Usage of this mask does not negate the need for excellent hand hygiene, social distancing and following local and national health and safety measures.

3. Can our face mask be washed and reused?

Yes. The mask is fully washable and reusable. We strongly recommend hand washing your mask at 40 degrees and then leaving to hang dry. This mask cannot be ironed, tumble dried and bleach should be avoided. If using a washing machine, the lowest spin cycle should be used. Please do note that as these masks have a high percentage of cotton, as with most cotton apparel, shrinkage  is possible post wash, dry and usage. Care, wash and storage instructions are provided in the resealable packaging pouch with every mask purchased.

4. Can you tell me more around your bespoke filters?

Our replaceable filters are made from melt-blown non-woven fabrics like polypropylene (pp) which is an ultra-fine electrostatic fibre cloth. These are the same materials typically used to make surgical masks (Type I, Type II, Type IIR) and N95 / KN95 / FFP2 / N99 / KN99 / FFP3 integrated filter respirator masks, alongside our filters also having a layer of activated carbon fibre. This supports the capability of its particle filtration efficiency.

We have designed our bespoke 5 layer filters to filter up to 95% of non-oily airborne particles. These have been tested against GB2626-2019 (latest standard replacing GB2626-2006) surpassing this requirement filtering >99%. These have also achieved >98.6% against EN13274-7:2019, the European standard for particle filter penetration as part of the EN149:2001+A1:2009 test. The EN13274:7-2019 is a recommended standards test also defined by AFNOR SPEC S76-001 (adopted under the European CEN Workshop Agreement and has been adopted by the British Standards Institute) where our filtration is above the recommended >90% standard for Category 1 (UNS1).

Our filters have been tested against medical grade standards for our company by the world leading independent inspection, verification and testing company SGS who have over 2000+ laboratories and offices worldwide who are used by companies and governments as they are recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. They have validated the compliance of our filters to these global standards.

Filters will last approximately 5 days (up to 40 hours) dependant on usage. These cannot be washed. These must be replaced to continue effectiveness. Each mask purchased comes with 2x filters as standard. Additional filters can be purchased on our product collections page.

5. Can I use my own filters?

Yes, you can also use your own filters with our mask(s) if desired but the filtration capability will depend on the specification of your filter.

6. Can I use your filters with my own reusable mask?

Yes. Our filters were originally intended for our masks, but we know that these can also be suitable for other similar reusable masks that have a filter pocket and an upgrade to the existing filters you may have. As our filters have been tested by world class laboratories and have a bespoke shape providing additional coverage than rectangular filters, we find these are a popular choice for customers of both our masks and others. If the filters are slightly larger than expected, you can always fold them to support fit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product, returns are not accepted for incorrect sizing.

7. Can this be used in a clinical, medical or healthcare setting?

These face masks and filters are intended for usage by the general public in a non-healthcare setting (civilian use). The face masks and filters are non-medical, non-surgical and non-sterile and not intended for usage in any clinical, medical or healthcare setting. They are not defined or sold as personal protective equipment under EU Regulation 2016/425 or medical devices under EU Directive 93/42/ECC. As they are not defined or sold under these directives, our masks do not and are not required to hold a CE mark. They have not been tested for effectiveness against COVID-19, nor do they claim or guarantee any protection against respiratory viruses.

8. Are you UK based?

Yes, we are a UK supplier with UK based warehouses. Our customer service teams are happy to answer your questions in our normal operation hours between 9-6pm GMT (Monday-Friday). Our products are proudly designed, developed and distributed in the UK. Our manufacturers are based in South East Asia.

9. Do you offer discounts or bulk-buy offers?

Yes, we run promotions from time to time. If you are interested in an order for 100+ masks, please contact our Business Solutions team for a quote. We can offer options for customisation from logos, tagging, product packaging to customise based on your needs. MOQs apply.

If you have a discount code you can enter this at the checkout prior to finalisation of payment. Only one discount code can be used per transaction. Unless specified, we limit discounts we provide to a 1 one-time discount code per customer, per product. All discount codes are discretionary and we reserve the right to revoke these at anytime including post issue. Contact us at for more information.

10. Can I return my face mask or filters?

Face masks and filters are considered highly personal hygiene items. For health and safety purposes, these items are unfortunately ineligible for refunds, exchanges, repairs or replacements unless defective. Please see our Replacement Policy for further information.

11. How are these products packed?

All products are provided in sealed packaging. The pouch is resealable and can be used as a storage pouch for your reusable mask.

12. What is the size of the mask?

All masks come in one standard size that will suit the majority of facial structures by using the adjustable straps and toggles. This is not a custom or made to measure mask. Due to the manufacturing process, the sizing for each mask can differ slightly. If the fitting is looser then expected, you are welcome to purchase a mask extender / ear saver / tie back (not included or sold by us). Unfortunately, returns are not accepted for incorrect sizing.

13. How can I safely remove my reusable mask?

We recommend avoiding touching the inside of the mask and removing this with clean hands using 70%+ alcohol based sanitiser or after washing hands for more than 20 seconds. We recommend avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth when removing the face mask where possible.

14. Do you offer free delivery?

Yes - Free Delivery is available for all UK orders regardless of order size. No minimum spend limit. You can upgrade for faster delivery options available at checkout. We aim to despatch within 2 working days, usually sooner where possible. Orders received after 6pm GMT on any day or weekends are considered orders as processed on the next working day. We do not guarantee delivery times as we are subject to third party couriers. All described services are aims, and may be disrupted with seasonal traffic or if there are government restrictions. Please ensure you read our Delivery Policy page for further information and latest updates from our courier partners. 

15. What if I have a question or issue?

Please contact - you can expect to receive a response between Monday-Friday (9-6pm GMT). We aim to respond to queries within 2 working days.